GAPCELL is an event which is going to be held with the aim of sharing original and useful ideas in the form of short and motivating lectures and the purpose of being effective in people’s personal, professional, educational life by empowering them to be creative, help them to share innovation and Provide social vitality and a more dynamic community through topics include all social, cultural, economic, political, environmental, issues. These lectures are supposed to be presented by scientists, researchers, environmentalists, successful job owners, philanthropists, scientists, technology experts, artists and activists who try to convey ideas to the audience, which are undoubtedly a great formula to success.

We all face different challenges with different work and study conditions, in expressing our ideas, experiences and knowledge to others in a language other than our mother tongue. One of the benefits of English language events for participants will be the development of individual articulation skills for optimal communication with the international world. Due to the fact that this upcoming event is officially in English for the first time in Iran, participants will enjoy the benefits of taking part in an event through which they would learn some insights as well as improving their English skills. In addition to all the advantages mentioned, people can make the best use of this opportunity to get to know their counterparts in related job and educational positions.

They also can learn how to work on their Professional and personal brand and last but not least obtain a certificate of participation in this event by Irancell Academy. This event makes it possible to transfer new and practical ideas to different people. This course indeed has been developed for the Iranian society according to their needs and social structure. Exchange can help participants to:

The subject of the first event

Blind spots in the success of start-ups

17 and 18 September 1400

Application Form

مرحله 1 از 2

  • لطفاً یک مقدار بزرگتر یا مساوی 18 را وارد نمایید.
  • حداکثر اندازه فایل: 10 MB.

Participation in this event is suggested to:

Since this course is designed to increase creativity and innovation as well as finding new ideas and solutions to the challenges facing businesses, all people who are involved in a business in some ways can participate in this course. Due to the fact that the course is designed and entirely in English, participants must have an appropriate command in English .Participants of this event are divided into two parts:


This group of interested people called participants, can apply for registration at specified time. in order to take full advantage of the session, participants are highly recommended to have appropriate level of English and previous learning experience.


People interested in participating in this event as a spokesperson, can register by sending a resume and registering their proposal according to the topic of each of the announced events, in accordance with their professional, scientific, etc. fields. Obviously, the documents submitted by each person are reviewed by the executive committee and the ones with the required qualifications are selected. In order to make necessary preparations for the selected candidates, briefing sessions will be held by the organizing team.

Special opportunities for speakers and presenters:

Execution and registration process

Number of presenters: 3
Number of audience: 40
Note: The theme of the speech presented in each day needs to be the same according to the plan decided and announced in advance. The execution process is determined according to the following conductor.


GAPCELL has been tailored with different thematic themes in all general and specialized fields. Irancell Academy “in cooperation with Nogolearn Educational Group” is proud to host those interested in participating in this event in the form of speakers and listeners. This event will be held in two parts: Speech and lecturing from the selected individuals as presenters and then holding roundtables with the presence of each of the speakers for more and better interaction with the audience.

The place of the event

All the courses are held in Irancell innovation center
Address: No 56, Hosseini square, Habibollahi street, Azadi avenue, Tehran

This event is NOT suggested to:

Taking into consideration the fact that this course is designed entirely in English, those who are not fluent in English are recommended to participate in this course.


Nogolearn is a specialized English learning platform in the form of an application, which was designed and launched in the year 2018 with the ultimate goal of replacing traditional teaching methods and helping English language learners triumph over the nightmare of learning English by making it easy, accessible, and off course with the lowest possible cost.

Nogolearn is the subsidiary of Safir Pishgaman Danesh holding which was founded in 2005 and has the privilege giving learners of all ages standard educational services regarding English learning and accordingly has managed to train thousands of successful learners and teachers with the help of ALA language academy, Avaye Hakhamanesh, Day language school as other subsidiaries.

Nogolearn team has the honor of cooperating with highly sophisticated and experienced teachers along with a skillful research and development team with whom we believe all the impossible are possible.

With more than 450 highly interactive educational videos, more than ten thousand smart tests, integrated teaching method specifically tailored for Iranian learners, a thorough lesson planning and indeed smart technological features in our application, we claim to be going forward changing the concept of learning English forever.

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Nogolren English language teaching application is the result of a heartfelt desire in all the years that we have been teaching English and teaching in this borderland continuously and professionally.

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